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It all started in 2003. My true companion, the Collie bitch Belinda had survived a serious operation. The longheld desire for a second dog began to take shape. It should definitely be a herding dog. And so my search brought me to the Australian Shepherd breed. The breed name could make one thing that it is an Australian breeding, but no, America is the home to the wonderful Aussies.


In April of 2003 Dustin, my first Aussie, moved in with us. He was a lot of fun from the beginning, our lively jumping ball. Belinda took him under her wings immediately and the two were inseparable. Through him Belinda became young again, she encouraged Dustin to play and they have made their rounds through the backyard and over the meadows. Five beautiful years for us til Belinda suffered from a stroke, from which she recovered well over the time, but not completely. Now it was Dustin's time to take the responibility and take care of Belinda. There were no stick games anymore, but Dustin took his chance to watch over Belinda. On our strolls he was always on her side and paid attention when she suddenly lost direction and went astray. I could count on him that he would always bring her back to me. And it was Dustin he first noticed that it came to an end with Belinda. a few days before she had to leave, he sat in the living room in front of the patio door and started howling heartbreakingly. In April 2009 we finally had to say goodbye to Belinda and accompany her to the Rainbow Bridge. Both, Dustin and I were heartbroken

and felt lonely without our pretty Belinda.

The death of Belinda created a huge gap. Very quickly I realized that now it was the time for a second Aussie to join us .. I was thinking of a red tri female. I went on the Internet to search for current litterns on the ASCD website. It was 5 May 2009 and Life's Joy Aussies announced a litter to come in May. I phoned the breeder and she joyfully told me that the puppies had been born within the last few hours. 8 puppies, 7 males and 1 female. It took three long weeks til I could visit the puppies for the first time. And there a blue merle male immediately stung in my eye, my Buddy. I was able to visit him several times and observe the doggies before I took him to his new home. Dustin and Buddy were best friends from the very first moment.


The Aussie fever (I call it Aussie-holic) had gripped me. I also still did not have my brown Aussie bitch. Again I was looking on the internet and so came to the Eyecatcher's site. I liked their dogs and when a new litter arrived in August of 2010 I went there. There was no red tri female there, but a very adorable black tri puppy girl, my Peggy Sue. she has captured my heart by storm. Peggy wonderfully integrated into the pack and she has the two guys under control (smile).


I continued to visit regularly the site of the Eyecatcher's to track the development of Peggy's sibblings, Peggy's mom and the remaining fur noses. In July 2011 Peggy's mom Jenny got a litter of puppies again ... and under them there were two red tri girls. Actually at that time no other dog was planned, but after I learned of Bettina, the breeder, that the little one i fancied, was still free, nothing could have stopped me. In August I was on vacation holidays with my doggies in the Bavarian Forest and I took a side trip to the beautiful Chiemsee. When I had small Amber in my arms it was clear that I had finally found the dog of my dreams. In September 2011 I took the train to the very South of Germany, picked up my little precious Amber and we travelled back through Germany from South to North. She was so brave my little one, there was not an only tear that she shed on the longg journey. She just was looking curious around, receiving many new impressions and entirely relying on me.


My "double Lottie" Peggy Sue and amber are inseperable. During our excursions in the Danish dogs woods usually the two girls build a team. Even in the rearing of Peggy's puppies Amber is fully included. She takes care of caressing the little ones, cleans them, plays with them and she enjoys to cuddle with them with enthusiasm. If Mama Peggy wants to rest at times, Aunty Amber is on the spot.

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