Pedigree Lindale's Depend On Me Felix

ASCA Reg. # E179927

Litter Reg.No. 89772

DOB 31. Mai 2012




    Mio Of The Divine Firehorse
  Happy Kenny of Northsealand  
     Sbaffy's Happy Mandy
 Dustin Of Northsealand    
    Henry Of The Divine Firehorse
  Yoca Of Northsealand  
    Happy Nele Of Northsealand
    Countrywoods Hey We Be Cool
  Dutch Run Lil'Rascal  
    Dutch Run Tulip's Hubba Hubba
Eyecatcher's Pride Of The Summer    
    CH Dragon Run's Look At Me
  Smart Jenny Of Little Creek  
     Meggie Of Two Hill Mountain
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